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so remember how that last time i said i thought i’d fixed all of my computer problems?  well, not so much.  within a day or two Windows Vista decided that my new favourite colour was blue.  and although i like the colour blue in yarn and in superman shirts i don’t particularly dig it as [...]

Sep 7th, 2009 | Filed under manliness

the bad news first, i had to rip apart my Alpaca Sweater of Awesomeness.  although it IS a very manly thing to make things unnecessarily large, that rule doesn’t generally apply to sweaters.  i learned the manly lesson of measure first, knit second.  a sweater that’s 10 inches too large is … well … too [...]

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May 10th, 2009 | Filed under knitting, untastic sock yarn

so, i’ve mentioned before that i’m going to be launching Untastic Sock yarns in the very near future.  in fact, i’m going to pick up my order of Merino/Cashmere and bamboo sock yarn on sunday, then the dye-a-thon begins sunday night. so what i’ve decided to do to celebrate is have a contest… this contest [...]

May 2nd, 2009 | Filed under manspun contest, untastic sock yarn

i took the majority of my yarn stock down to Knit-O-Matic this weekend, so if you are in the toronto area and want to see some ManSpun Yarn in person, head over to Knit-O-Matic and talk to Haley – she’ll point you in the manly direction. that being said, i’ve been spinning up a fury [...]

Mar 2nd, 2009 | Filed under manliness, manly yarn making process

so i have actually been busy since the last time i promised a yarn update – a trip to The Black Lamb in Port Hope, lots of spinning, tearing apart my cashmere toque yet again (damn twisting rows) and working on my alpaca sweater. here’s some of what i’ve spun up so far… Last night [...]

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Jan 21st, 2009 | Filed under finished yarns, manliness

i managed to complete the assembly of 4 extremely manly yarns this weekend, although the manly tasks of being lazy and driving places did interfere quite a bit with my productivity. i also managed to get a few rows done on my cashmere toque: if there was a manlier toque than that, i’d like to [...]

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Dec 1st, 2008 | Filed under knitting

Brown and blue, like coffee spilled on your blue jeans. I ground up the sheep hair (carded the wool) myself, then spun it into this super awesome yarn. it’s a thick and thin worsted-weight yarn, a little over 100 yards in length and around 100 grams (aboot 3.5-4 oz) in weight. The price is $25 [...]

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Nov 7th, 2008 | Filed under finished yarns

i finished another yarn last night to bring my manly total up to 8.  in order to actually sell any of these yarns i’ll have to get my ass off the couch long enough to make a proper web site for selling it eh? in my manly lazy forgetfulness, i still managed to forget to [...]

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Nov 6th, 2008 | Filed under manly yarn making process, miscellaneous

here we can see six of the first seven yarns that will be making their appearance on my soon-to-be-finished yarn shop. i’m gonna need to come up with a manlier name than yarn shop i think.  yarn distribution center maybe? i’ve been keeping a pretty good pace lately finishing at least one every day.  although [...]

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Nov 5th, 2008 | Filed under manly yarn making process, miscellaneous

well, carded wool would be the technical term i s’pose, but the manly expression for this process is grinding up sheep hair with a machine that has not just one but TWO spike covered wheels:

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Nov 3rd, 2008 | Filed under manly yarn making process