Socks Socks Socks

May 23rd, 2010
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i’ve finally completed assembly of the Unpossibly Awesome Socks:

Unpossibly Awesome!

and to celebrate, i’m drinking Rickard’s White and casting on a new pair of socks.  in a few moments, i’ll be casting on the Hannah Socks pattern from Patti’s Patterns.  it’ll be my first attempt at cables, but being a man – i have plenty experience with cables attached to electronic devices.  this can’t be much different, right?

photobombed by the dog!

one fine day in the park

May 22nd, 2010
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wow, did i really go a whole month without posting something?

so yes, i have been spinning yarn.  not on an overly productive pace, but i have been assembling some of the finest yarns mankind has ever known.

however, i have not been photographing them like i should be.  tomorrow should be sunny, and i should be off the couch by then.

today i started off the long weekend (happy birthday queen victoria!) with a trip to Port Hope:

tomorrow i’m going to finish off my super awesome merino roving from thechickswithsticks, finish my unpossibly awesome sock and hopefully photograph some yarn.

OH, and hopefully we’ll be recording episode 10 of the MustStashYo podcast.


Going on Tour!

Apr 1st, 2010

possibly because of the power of a moustache and an awesome toque, i am proud to announce that i have been chosen as the new singer of Van Halen.

the tour starts today.  we’ll be playing shows at Madison Square Gardens in New York, the Air Canada Center in Toronto and the Sydney Opera House – all today!  i’m a little worried we might not make it to the New York show on time after doing Toronto and Sydney, but the pilot swears we’ll make it.

that being said, i’ve actually spent some time spinning yarn and should have some new yarny manliness posted into the shop this weekend once i get a chance to photograph it.

AND (fingers crossed) we should be recording the new episode of muststashyo tonight (between gigs of course!).  i’ll be sure to elaborate on some of the excuses as to why we haven’t recorded yet.

spinning with a funny twist

Feb 19th, 2010

there’s two things i’ve got to do this weekend.  one is laundry, the other is spin a massive pile of yarn.  my intention is to go through at least one pound, but preferable two pounds of fibre (mostly 80/20 merino/silk).  i’ve been preparing an arsenal of movies to watch but again am calling for the input of the interwebs.  i’m looking for funny and i’m starting with The Hangover.  what’s next on the list eh?

as promised

Feb 15th, 2010
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yes, i’m actually making good on one of my promises… photos of the unpossibly awesome sock.

one down, one more to go.

** edit – do you realize how difficult it is to get both your foot AND your face in focus in the same shot in a poorly lit room?  everyone is welcome to post their foot-face-focus attempts in the comments.

happy VD! i f’ed an O!

Feb 14th, 2010
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even though i haven’t been spinning as much as i’d like to, i have been knitting quite a bit.  i finished a sock (pictures to come), and i completely rocked out in my newly finished sock-head hat!

check it oot!

this fire is out of control!

Feb 5th, 2010
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first thing is the good news – Muststashyo Episode 7 has been posted!

january’s been a busy month.  my attempt at getting massive amounts of spinning have failed.  i think i have three yarns to photograph and post.  hardly the progress i was hoping for after a few weeks.

i had the day off from day-job yesterday and today though.  why you ask?  well, there was a fire on the third floor of the building (i work on the 6th floor).  the good is that nobody was hurt.  the bad is that my company on the 5th and 6th floor were trapped inside until the firefighters got things under control.  i’d have to say that i have nothing but respect for the mississauga fire department though.  they quickly got things out of control and got us out of the building as soon as things were safe.

currently my office has some broken windows which are being fixed and the building management are doing some air quality tests.  in theory i should be back on monday… unless someone sets another fire.  i’m not saying that anyone SHOULD do that, just that if that happens, it would be very convenient.  for me.


new year, new yarn, new manly excuses

Jan 10th, 2010

why have i been witholding all of this??

because cannibals ate my homework?  because i was held in hostage negotiations by terrorist pandas?

well, mostly it was because i started christmas knitting and got caught up in the hectic insanity that is trying to finish a family’s worth of christmas gifts as the world’s slowest knitter.

the good news:  17 new Merino/Cashmere/Nylon sock yarns, 2 new handspun yarns and more coming next week at this time.

the gooder news:  i have cart functionality in the yarn shop of manliness now.  cart functionality that is as secure in its manliness as it is manly in its secure-ness (carts courtesy paypal, so you know your info is safe).  just click on the yarn photo to see the details like you normally would, then click “Add to Cart” for your shopping pleasure.

all that being said, there’s more yarn coming, for real this time.  manlier than David Lee Roth’s chest hair (although softer – not that i know what David Lee Roth’s chest hair feels like.  who started talking about David Lee Roth anyways?).

the rock switch has been set to “ON”

Muststashyo Episode 6!!

Jan 4th, 2010
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Muststashyo Episode 6 – Moustache Mushroom Bash has been posted!

i successfully upgraded my wordpress installation.  it’s much easier than it used to be back in the day.

i’ve also made some progress on my unpossibly awesome socks:

only a few more inches to go and i’ll be able to start my toe!


Dec 31st, 2009
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i’m going to be upgrading wordpress today, so i expect there to be some minor blog down-time.  the good news is that i’ve got a long weekend ahead of me, some new handspun manspun on my majacraft little bastard and lots of new Untastic Merino/Cashmere/Nylon sock yarn on its way.