the post in which manly excuses need not be made

Mar 25th, 2013

So yesterday me and my crew went to The Stash to spin up a storm.  Many sheep gladly gave up their freshly dyed hair so that it could be assembled into one of my future projects.

New Yarn


As you can see, I’ve balanced it atop my Majacraft Little Bastard to show that it is a perfectly balanced yarn.

Well, that may not be entirely true, but it will certainly find its destiny upon my head as one of my upcoming kickass man hats.  It’s a merino/silk blend that should prove to be  warm, which is good since I’ve scheduled next winter to be cold as well (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  I’m Canadian eh!).

I also bought some more kick-ass Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn, because one can never have too much.  You would think that with the number of pain-in-the-arse knots that I’ve had over the years with all of the Noro yarn that I’ve used that I would learn my lesson.

Grumpy Noro

And since it has been less than two weeks since my last effort at blogging, I offer you no excuses.  Although if my lack of updates bores you, feel free to stop by my non-yarn blog to see what I’ve been up to there.

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