Monthly is almost Weekly isn’t it?

Mar 12th, 2013

So in my efforts to blog at least weekly, I have managed to blog at least monthly.  That does count for something.  Maybe not a whole lot, but more than nothing I suppose right?

Also, I spun yarn!



Cindy from Studioloo gave me some awesome Merino/Silk roving for Christmas, and I’ve decided that I’m going to be greedy and make this into my next toque.  A man can never have too many toques eh?

Also that sock? Still in progress.  I’m partly excited to be getting this second pattern in gear (first Man-Tastic Sock pattern here!) but also forcing myself past second-sock syndrome.  The last time I hit that roadblock it took me nearly a year to finish the second sock, but the world won’t have to wait that long for this one.  Or me for that matter.  The longer I take to finish that sock, the longer I have to wait to finish it.

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