The post in which excuses become reality, but also excuses

Feb 4th, 2013

So although it has been approximately twenty-one days since the last time I blogged HERE, I have been blogging in other forms (ch-check oot my creative writing blog right HERE).

And I am still working on another sock pattern, but you’ll have to excuse my tardiness with that one.  It involves a CHART, and anyone who knows me knows that I don’t knit from charts, so creating one is a bit of a challenge.  Heck, I rarely even follow a pattern let alone a chart, so I want to make sure that this next sock that comes your way kicks a little bit of ass.  The really good news is that sock pattern I’m putting together knits up fast and looks really awesome, so all your knitting and non-knitting friends will be so jealous.

In the meantime, I decided to try to get ahead of myself and try knitting up a new pattern for the NEXT manspun sock pattern (being that number two isn’t out yet, working on number three was a little ambitious).  What ended up happening was the most overly complex jumble of cables and nonsense that got ripped out and re-knit for a substantially easier knit that i still messed up.

Wait… i’m a man – I shouldn’t say that I messed something up.

… a substantially easier knit that I IMPROVISED!

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