new year, new pattern, new manspun

Jan 16th, 2013

so my last effort in blogging productively was in vain, but this time i’m actually putting time aside every week to say a little something.  mostly, i’ve been knitting socks and toques, but i’ve only been dyeing and spinning minimally.

what can you expect from me this year?  i will give you a list!

  • i intend to blog once per week.  even if it’s just little bits of things
  • i intend to publish at least 2 more sock patterns
  • i intend to dye two lots of Untastic! sock yarn
  • i hope to be able to post pictures of the kick ass things that people make from my patterns and yarn

what’s that you ask?  why did i say MORE patterns?  well, that would be because i’ve published a pattern for sale on ravelry HERE.  and i have two more sock patterns currently on the needles.

so my promise to you, the internet, is that i will come here to visit more often.  can you promise to send me pictures of the stuff you make with my yarn and patterns?  that would kick arse.

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