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i should have done a pre-christmas update, but the construction and assembly of christmas presents kept me busier than a monkey at a nose picking contest. i’m down to three skeins of manliness in the yarn shop, and just completed construction of one more last night.  there’s still a few left at Knit-O-Matic in Toronto, [...]

Dec 29th, 2008 | Filed under manliness

i have proof now of just how manly ManSpun yarns are.  while listening to the Lime & Violet podcast i have discovered that my yarns are in fact manly enough to cause women to take off their tops and expose themselves while running around the room.  that’s right – ManSpun yarn may have in fact [...]

Dec 16th, 2008 | Filed under manliness

mathematics and statistics are amongst the manliest things that exist in our world today.  heck, the majority of the world of sports, and the industry that supports sports revolve around mathematics and statistics. math also has worked its way into the world of fiber: beans, are rich in fiber… beans, as we all know, are [...]

Dec 12th, 2008 | Filed under manliness

i think i’ve been going on for like a week saying that i’m going to be adding new yarns to the online ManSpun shop. well, so it is written, so it has been done.  there are FIVE new awesome and manly yarns available there, so check them out.

Dec 11th, 2008 | Filed under finished yarns, manliness

i spent the weekend spinning new yarn and knitting my cashmere toque rather than updating my web site.  i know i said i’d post more yarns, but just keep in mind that by spinning more – it’ll mean there’s more super awesome and manly yarns to admire. excuse the poor quality of the photo.  the [...]

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Dec 8th, 2008 | Filed under finished yarns, knitting

it’s certainly no secret, i’m a slow knitter. but it never occurred to me just HOW slow i am at knitting until i sat here and did the math.  see, i work as a computer nerd for the day job analyzing numbers and statistics and manufacturing super killer awesome reports about cars and trucks. no [...]

Dec 5th, 2008 | Filed under knitting, manliness

yes, wednesday came and went with no new yarn update.  manly men don’t meet deadlines, they make excuses.  my excuse is that i … uhhhh … did some stuff and. and also – what could be more manly than yarn, coffee mugs, and computers – or better yet a coffee mug shaped like a computer!

Dec 4th, 2008 | Filed under manliness

i managed to complete the assembly of 4 extremely manly yarns this weekend, although the manly tasks of being lazy and driving places did interfere quite a bit with my productivity. i also managed to get a few rows done on my cashmere toque: if there was a manlier toque than that, i’d like to [...]

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Dec 1st, 2008 | Filed under knitting