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what?  a yarn shop update COMING SOON???  how is that even possible? it’s entirely true.  i actually have a few finished handspun yarns ready to be photographed and plopped into the yarn shop of manliness.  sadly, i must report that there’s no new sock yarn YET.  apparently the merino/cashmere/nylon sock yarn i get has been [...]

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Jul 26th, 2010 | Filed under miscellaneous

wow, did i really go a whole month without posting something? so yes, i have been spinning yarn.  not on an overly productive pace, but i have been assembling some of the finest yarns mankind has ever known. however, i have not been photographing them like i should be.  tomorrow should be sunny, and i [...]

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May 22nd, 2010 | Filed under miscellaneous

yes, i’m actually making good on one of my promises… photos of the unpossibly awesome sock. one down, one more to go. ** edit – do you realize how difficult it is to get both your foot AND your face in focus in the same shot in a poorly lit room?  everyone is welcome to [...]

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Feb 15th, 2010 | Filed under miscellaneous

first thing is the good news – Muststashyo Episode 7 has been posted! january’s been a busy month.  my attempt at getting massive amounts of spinning have failed.  i think i have three yarns to photograph and post.  hardly the progress i was hoping for after a few weeks. i had the day off from [...]

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Feb 5th, 2010 | Filed under miscellaneous

i almost forgot to mention that Muststashyo Episode 4 is up and ready for download! and here’s just a sneak peak at how awesome it is

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Nov 21st, 2009 | Filed under miscellaneous

while it appears that i’ve been silent for the last two and a half weeks, let me assure you that i have in fact been quite busy.  the whole “having a day job” thing has been getting in the way of any regular web site updates, but there are some coming very soon. first of [...]

Jun 22nd, 2009 | Filed under manliness, miscellaneous

… Yarnie is certainly how i’ve been classified now in Ravelry. and for anyone who’s not a member of ravelry, but who knits, crochets, assembles yarn (aka spins yarns), you should totally go and sign up.  all the cool kids are doing it. i’m slowly but surely adding my arsenal of super manly yarns to [...]

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Nov 17th, 2008 | Filed under finished yarns, miscellaneous

i finished another yarn last night to bring my manly total up to 8.  in order to actually sell any of these yarns i’ll have to get my ass off the couch long enough to make a proper web site for selling it eh? in my manly lazy forgetfulness, i still managed to forget to [...]

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Nov 6th, 2008 | Filed under manly yarn making process, miscellaneous

here we can see six of the first seven yarns that will be making their appearance on my soon-to-be-finished yarn shop. i’m gonna need to come up with a manlier name than yarn shop i think.  yarn distribution center maybe? i’ve been keeping a pretty good pace lately finishing at least one every day.  although [...]

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Nov 5th, 2008 | Filed under manly yarn making process, miscellaneous

very soon this will be the home of the manliest yarn on the inter-web.  yarn made by a man out of manly fibers that are totally manly and awesome.  check it out: mixed fibers including mostly merino, a little mohair, viscose and some sparkly stuff to add a manly shine.  all measure somewhere over a hundred yards [...]

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Nov 3rd, 2008 | Filed under miscellaneous