Frolicking like a MAN

Apr 29th, 2013

This weekend I frolicked as hard as I’ve ever Frolicked before.  I saw SO MANY of my knitting crew there while hanging with Cindy from Studioloo, Laurie from The Black Lamb and Haley and Rosie from Knit-O-Matic.  A super-huge thank you to everyone who braved the long line-ups and super-packed space to come say hi.

I manned things up with my pink shirt and beard – which is gone today, since shaving a beard off is just as manly as growing one – but totally forgot to bring my green sock that I seem to never be able to finish knitting.  I’m going to use the size 14 feet as my excuse, but deep down inside I know it’s just a case of second-sock-syndrome.

Maybe I should start a new sock to encourage myself to finish the other sock.  Who needs matching socks anyways right?

three and a half weeks later

Apr 26th, 2013
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Who has two thumbs and was in the news this week?  This guy right here!  The Grid called me up and asked me some questions about an article they were doing on the emergence of men in the knitting world – click here y’all.

That being said, I’m almost disappointed in how little knitting I’ve managed to accomplish over the last couple of weeks.  I *should* be done knitting that second sock by now but in reality I’m about 6 rows away from starting the heel.  That’s a good sign though, because knitting the heel is the best part.

OH, and tomorrow is the DKC knitter’s frolic.  I’ll be there, frolicking like a man at the Black Lamb and Studioloo booth.  Come by and say hi.  I’ll be the dude in the pink shirt knitting that same green sock that we’ve all been staring at for the last four months.

the post in which manly excuses need not be made

Mar 25th, 2013
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So yesterday me and my crew went to The Stash to spin up a storm.  Many sheep gladly gave up their freshly dyed hair so that it could be assembled into one of my future projects.

New Yarn


As you can see, I’ve balanced it atop my Majacraft Little Bastard to show that it is a perfectly balanced yarn.

Well, that may not be entirely true, but it will certainly find its destiny upon my head as one of my upcoming kickass man hats.  It’s a merino/silk blend that should prove to be  warm, which is good since I’ve scheduled next winter to be cold as well (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  I’m Canadian eh!).

I also bought some more kick-ass Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn, because one can never have too much.  You would think that with the number of pain-in-the-arse knots that I’ve had over the years with all of the Noro yarn that I’ve used that I would learn my lesson.

Grumpy Noro

And since it has been less than two weeks since my last effort at blogging, I offer you no excuses.  Although if my lack of updates bores you, feel free to stop by my non-yarn blog to see what I’ve been up to there.

Monthly is almost Weekly isn’t it?

Mar 12th, 2013
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So in my efforts to blog at least weekly, I have managed to blog at least monthly.  That does count for something.  Maybe not a whole lot, but more than nothing I suppose right?

Also, I spun yarn!



Cindy from Studioloo gave me some awesome Merino/Silk roving for Christmas, and I’ve decided that I’m going to be greedy and make this into my next toque.  A man can never have too many toques eh?

Also that sock? Still in progress.  I’m partly excited to be getting this second pattern in gear (first Man-Tastic Sock pattern here!) but also forcing myself past second-sock syndrome.  The last time I hit that roadblock it took me nearly a year to finish the second sock, but the world won’t have to wait that long for this one.  Or me for that matter.  The longer I take to finish that sock, the longer I have to wait to finish it.

The post in which excuses become reality, but also excuses

Feb 4th, 2013
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So although it has been approximately twenty-one days since the last time I blogged HERE, I have been blogging in other forms (ch-check oot my creative writing blog right HERE).

And I am still working on another sock pattern, but you’ll have to excuse my tardiness with that one.  It involves a CHART, and anyone who knows me knows that I don’t knit from charts, so creating one is a bit of a challenge.  Heck, I rarely even follow a pattern let alone a chart, so I want to make sure that this next sock that comes your way kicks a little bit of ass.  The really good news is that sock pattern I’m putting together knits up fast and looks really awesome, so all your knitting and non-knitting friends will be so jealous.

In the meantime, I decided to try to get ahead of myself and try knitting up a new pattern for the NEXT manspun sock pattern (being that number two isn’t out yet, working on number three was a little ambitious).  What ended up happening was the most overly complex jumble of cables and nonsense that got ripped out and re-knit for a substantially easier knit that i still messed up.

Wait… i’m a man – I shouldn’t say that I messed something up.

… a substantially easier knit that I IMPROVISED!

new year, new pattern, new manspun

Jan 16th, 2013
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so my last effort in blogging productively was in vain, but this time i’m actually putting time aside every week to say a little something.  mostly, i’ve been knitting socks and toques, but i’ve only been dyeing and spinning minimally.

what can you expect from me this year?  i will give you a list!

  • i intend to blog once per week.  even if it’s just little bits of things
  • i intend to publish at least 2 more sock patterns
  • i intend to dye two lots of Untastic! sock yarn
  • i hope to be able to post pictures of the kick ass things that people make from my patterns and yarn

what’s that you ask?  why did i say MORE patterns?  well, that would be because i’ve published a pattern for sale on ravelry HERE.  and i have two more sock patterns currently on the needles.

so my promise to you, the internet, is that i will come here to visit more often.  can you promise to send me pictures of the stuff you make with my yarn and patterns?  that would kick arse.

Wiener Dog Interference

Mar 12th, 2012

So over the last year and a half, my yarn production has been low and my excuse making skills have been off the chart.  I have been knitting, spinning, and generally fibre-arting, but in a much lower quantity than before.

What else have I been up to?  I’m glad that you asked.

Over the course of 2011 I ran in my first half marathon, first 30 km race, and first full marathon.  I threw in a couple of other half marathons just for good measure and fun.

I also read a couple dozen books (I loves me some Christopher Moore books).

I moved the Yarn Shop of Manliness HERE.

I enrolled in a creative writing course, the results of which are HERE.

So yeah, not an unproductive year by any stretch of the means.  Add to that the fact that I’ve got a pile of new yarn assembled and weighed and photographed and you’ve got the triumphant return of manliness to the world of knitting.

The “Rocking” switch has been set in the “ON” position.  Even if there is Wiener Dog Interference.

destination: toque

Jul 29th, 2010
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for anyone curious about current yarn assemlby and progress, i shall introduce you to what i’ve been working on.

from a soft but manly roving from

pure awesome

the colours flowed brilliantly into each other and the result was a yarn that desperately wants to become a toque for ma head.

yeah, teddy bear

this was made from a bag of Louet roving i picked up at The Fibre Garden in Jordan Village, ON.  the colourway is Teddy Bear although i’m thinking more along the lines of Kodiak or Grizzly.

and here’s a glance of what’s on the bobbin and will hopefully be done before the weekend:


knit night, stitch ‘n pitch, yarn shop update coming soon

Jul 26th, 2010
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what?  a yarn shop update COMING SOON???  how is that even possible?

it’s entirely true.  i actually have a few finished handspun yarns ready to be photographed and plopped into the yarn shop of manliness.  sadly, i must report that there’s no new sock yarn YET.  apparently the merino/cashmere/nylon sock yarn i get has been on backorder for a while so i need to be patient.

speaking of patience, i’ve gotten back the spinning and knitting mojo, but unfortunately have very little patience for actually completing things.  i’ve got the urge to start about 50 projects right now (including a bunch of ManSpun Toques for upcoming winter yarn/craft shows).

time to work on the zillion projects in mind is coming though.  it’s knit-night tonight at Panera Bread in mississauga – come on by if you’re in the area – and Stitch ‘N Pitch is tomorrow at Skydome Rogers Center.


two months, plus one day equals…

Jul 24th, 2010

well, more excuses i reckon.  sure it’s been a couple of months, but it’s also been summertime!  my spinning production has been sadly low for the last while, but other accomplishments over the last couple of months include:

  • a 160 km bicycle trip with my family from Brockville, ON to Picton, ON (my hometown!)
  • knit 2/3 of a sock
  • cast on another sock
  • recorded an episode of MustStashYo
  • grown really huge sideburns

also, i’ll be heading out to Stitch N’ Pitch on tuesday to see the Blue Jays battle with the Baltimore Orioles – there’s even a skein of my Heavy Metal Single Ply yarn as a prize.

hope to see you all there!